What Those Weird Words Are When Building A New Website

When you are in the process of having your new website being developed, your web designer will show you the build to be sure that it is how you want it. However, you will notice strange words on your site. This is called Lorum Ipsum. Simply put, it is used as a place holder so that you can see visually where your content will be. This way your web designer is able to make changes more quickly to the website while waiting for the content to be written.


Should I be concerned that my business content isn’t there at first?


You may feel a bit apprehensive or confused as to why your business’s content isn’t there right away as the website is being built. There is nothing to worry about, however. It takes time to develop content and your web designer wants to be sure all the content is approved before putting it on the site. All the content will be on the website before it is finished and put live.


Will I have to write all the content?


There is so much that you already have to do and writing content may be the last thing on your mind. So, no, if you choose, you can have your web designer write the content for you. Promark Business Solutions offers such a service so that you can continue on your day without having to worry about trying to find time to do a write up about your company. All you have to do is give the basics of what you would like for content and then once it is written give any edits you may want and the final approval.


How can I trust someone else to write about my business?


How can you write about my business if you don’t know all the details? This could be what you are thinking. You can be assured that your web designer has your business’s best interests in mind and will be able to create content that will showcase all the great points and best features of your business. Many business owners write content that isn’t focused on customer attraction and instead focus on just the business itself. So, it helps having a professional who is well experienced in the marketing of businesses to know what will catch customers eyes and be drawn to your company.


I am having my website updated, do I have to use the same content?


If you are updating your old website, now is the chance to make any changes to your content. If you like what you had before then your web designer can easily use the same content. However, if you are wanting to update the content, just voice what you are looking for. Rewriting content is something that your designer can do to make it more appealing to customers. Rewritten content doesn’t mean the whole thing has to be changed either. You can decide which parts you don’t like and which parts you do. You can also ask the web designer’s opinion to see if they think anything should be changed. They will have great insights as to whether the content will catch your customer’s eye or not.


What kind of content is needed on my website?


Most people have this question when they are starting their new website. The majority of websites will have at least a home page, an about us page, services or products page and a contact page. Of course you can have more pages about whatever it is your business needs. However, each page will need content. It is best to have about 300 words per a page (other than the contact page) as that will help boost your page up and will give enough information for customers to know what your company is and provides, who you are and how you are best reached. The home page is like your store front. You want to showcase the important and key things you are trying to advertise. This is where you will draw customers in so it needs to be customer based. The about us page is important and you may wonder at its significance, however, it is quite vital. Many people when they are looking online, they like to know some of the background of a business. It gives them more of a sense of connection and helps them to know more about what the company is about. For the products or services page, it is important to describe what you have to offer in greater detail so that customers have more information. People like information, and the more they have the more likely they will choose the one that shows they are the “authority” on the services or products they are looking for.


So be assured, your completed website will look amazing. Content takes time to write and prefect; so you don’t need to worry, those Lorum Ipsum words will be changed out with the final approved content. The end result will be a customer focused website to help your online presence.





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